The award-winning Hyundai lineup offers many great choices when you’re shopping for used cars in Modesto, and we make it especially easy to drive your dream at Prestige Auto Sales. It all starts with a hassle-free purchase process that can include online buying — complete with virtual vehicle demos and free at-home delivery (within 50 miles of our store). Of course, you’re welcome to visit our dealership in person as well. Prestige prides itself on meeting your needs either way with competitive pricing, compelling vehicles, and first-class customer service.


The biggest benefit to buying a pre-owned Hyundai instead of a new one comes down to your purchasing power: You simply get more bang for your buck when you shop for used Hyundais. That’s mostly due to depreciation, which starts reducing the value of almost every new car as soon as it leaves the dealership. Naturally, as that value falls, so does the vehicle’s price tag on the pre-owned marketplace. And we’re talking about big bucks, too, since the typical new car depreciates by about 20% after its first year in service. So if you buy a one-year-old car, it’s like saving that amount of money right off the top. Depreciation doesn’t stop there, either. A new car can easily lose more than 60% of its value to depreciation after five years. You’ll also be glad to know that used cars are usually less expensive to insure than their brand-new counterparts, saving you extra money on one of your highest ongoing ownership costs with any vehicle.

Prestige Auto Sales then lets you take advantage of these benefits with peace of mind knowing that all of our used Toyotas are carefully inspected before we sell them. For input from a neutral third party, ask about a used- vehicle history report that can show you important details about a car’s past life. We’re that confident in not just our pre-owned Toyotas but all of our used vehicles.

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Hyundai has a high-tech approach to driving that serves you well whether you’re interested in sophisticated safety measures, superior connectivity, or smart infotainment resources — or all of the above and more. Even used Hyundais offer the kind of digital benefits that will make a big difference on every ride. (Note: Exact features vary by model and model year.)

  • Intelligent Drive Wise safety technology is highlighted by adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind- spot monitoring, and a system that can warn you not to open the vehicle’s doors into approaching traffic.
  • The remarkable Highway Driving Assist feature can reduce stress with hands-on semi-autonomous driving in select pre- owned Hyundais.
  • Connect the easy way with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which can be complemented by traditional Bluetooth, WiFi compatibility, and wireless charging so you can stay in touch with your world at a moment’s notice.
  • Handle certain vehicle functions, like remote start, using your smartphone, with the available Hyundai Digital Key.
  • Harman Kardon audio, leather heated and ventilated seats, LED lighting, and a hands-free liftgate are among the premium luxuries offered by pre-owned Hyundais.
  • Large touchscreens, digital instrument panels, and helpful head-up displays make it easy to check key vehicle systems at a glance.
  • Technologies beneath the hood can bring electrifying performance to satisfy efficiency-minded owners and enthusiasts alike.


We know that Modesto-area drivers have unique needs, so we aim to offer the used Hyundais that will best fit their lifestyles and budgets. Remember, though, our inventory is constantly changing as we satisfy customers and then search out fresh stock regularly. Our favorite pre-owned Hyundais include:

  • The brand’s stylish and capable SUVs include the Hyundai Venue, Tucson, Santa Fe, and three-row Palisade, all backed by dramatic designs, innovative technology, and adventure- friendly attitudes.
  • Going green gets easy with the Hyundai Kona and Ioniq vehicle lines highlighted by hybrid, plug-in, and EV models. Setting the pace: the Kona Electric with a driving range of nearly 258 miles on a single charge.
  • Well-regarded sedans and hatchbacks like the Accent, Elantra, Sonata, and the unmistakable Veloster bring the brand’s distinctive benefits to the car segments.


Hyundai got started in the auto business in 1967 with a helping hand from Ford when the two companies partnered on cars built for the South Korean market. Backed by that experience, Hyundai built its first home-grown car, the Pony, in 1975, and that vehicle became the foundation for the brand’s first U.S. car, the 1986 Hyundai Pony Excel. Sales for that compact went at full gallop, and Hyundai delivered nearly 170,000 Pony Excels that year. Steady growth followed, helped in part by Hyundai’s strong warranty coverage, and the brand began building its vehicles in the United States in the early 2000s. Since that time, Four Hyundai models have been named North American Vehicles of the Year. It’s proof positive that Hyundai has become a force to be reckoned with in the U.S. auto industry.








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